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TourDirect is here to help with all of your travel preparations.

Whether it be choosing your destination or hunting for that one special piece of travel gear, our Travel Resources service and partners will help to make your travel planning experience complete, from inception to completion of your journey. As with our Ground Operators, we only partner with the leading travel service providers.

Whatever your travel needs, you will find it here in our Travel Resources pages.


  • Our fully integrated system lets you search for international and domestic flights tailored to your journey. Remember: You only need to book your flight to the staging city. Your Ground Operator will oversee and issue any required internal air tickets.

    Once you log in with your client number and password, this page will provide an airline search engine to book your international flights. 

  • We all want to plan for an adventure,­ not a misadventure! But sometimes things happen, and preparation is the key to getting back on track. To that effect, under TourDirect’s insurance umbrella all of our travelers are automatically covered for $25,000 in medical costs and $500,000 in evacuation insurance.

    This must not be mistaken for trip cancellation insurance, which is optional but highly recommended. If a medical emergency occurs (to you or anyone in your immediate family) while on tour or some other unforeseen event causes a disruption or forces you to cancel your travel plans, then cancellation insurance covers you for all non-refundable costs.

    Once you log in with your client number and password, this page will provide greater detail and the ability to purchase cancellation insurance.

  • A crucial part of your trip planning is making sure that you understand all of the requirements to enter and exit your destination. Visa regulations and fees are based on countries’ bi-lateral agreements, so requirements and fees vary based upon the citizenship of the traveler.

    At TourDirect, we will assist you in obtaining all of the necessary visas or other travel permits for your journey, through our Visa Service Partner.

    Once you log in with your client number and password, this page will provide greater detail of requirements relevant to your destination, with visa application forms and fee schedules.

  • Your health is one of our primary concerns, and we want you to be fully informed and prepared prior to your journey.  Basic required medical and immunization information is listed at the bottom of each trip.  Once you book a trip with us, we will provide you with greater detailed information on health issues at your destination. As well, on this page you will find helpful links to the CDC and WHO websites, where you will find comprehensive information on pre-departure issues such as vaccinations, as well as in-country health specifics. We have also provided additional travel health links for your assistance.

    Once you log in with your client number and password, this page will provide specific details relevant to your destination.

  • We are often inspired to begin our journey when reading, be it a piece of fiction, history, or travelogue, be it in a book, magazine, or online. Once we’ve scheduled our trip, we want to keep reading as our reward for all of the planning that goes into traveling across the globe. At TourDirect, we have simplified and streamlined this process for you.

    On our general Travel Literature page, you will find links to our key Travel Resource partners’ sites, where you can browse for titles pertaining to your destination, or maybe to help find your dream travel spot. Beginning your voyage is as simple as the turn of a page.

    Once you log in with your client number and password, this page will provide reading and video lists specific to your travel itinerary.

  • When you travel with TourDirect, we aim to have you covered—literally and figuratively. Here you will find information and links to our Travel Resource partners who can kit you out in a range of travel gear and apparel, helping you to sort just the right accessories for your expedition—whether it be to a luxury hotel in Bali or Base Camp at Everest. In addition, when you travel with us, we will provide you with detailed recommended clothing and gear lists, which you will also find on our Travel Resource partners’ sites. TourDirect and our partners will see to it that your pre-trip experience is both superbly organized and a fun shopping experience!

    Once you log in with your client number and password, this page will provide a list of recommended clothing and gear specific to your destination and activity.