Tibet holds a unique place in the imagination, conjuring an unearthly realm beyond our reach—literally and figuratively, given its position on the so-called “Roof of the World.” Frozen peaks and windy flatlands blanket this high-desert plateau. In an isolated land cut off from the world for all but the last century, beauty and strangeness appear in equal measure. What causes our enduring fascination with Tibet? Surely its inaccessibility, mysterious gompas, lunar landscape, and tenacious citizens transfix us. Beneath an often crystal-blue sky, the Tibetan people exist in a medieval world. Since the occupation by the Chinese, their endurance has been tested both physically and spiritually. Yet despite the hardships of their daily lives, Tibetans remain tolerant and good-humored. Your encounters with these hardy people will leave you with a profound respect for a culture that binds men and women to the cosmos with such generosity of spirit.

Phendhay Snowland Tours & Treks

Tibet’s preeminent cultural and adventure travel company, Phendhay Snowland Tours & Treks has worked with many prestigious institutions in the United States and Europe. With an executive management team that brings decades of experience to the operation, Phendhay specializes in private, customized trips that explore the best of Tibet’s unique locales while creating a sense of hospitality for the traveler.  Award-winning and highly regarded, Phendhay is ready to show you Tibet as no one else can.

  • Year Incorporated: 2006
    Region of Operation: TAR (Tibet Autonomous Region) 
    Specialty: Adventure/Cultural Tours
    Tour Extensions: YES – to all Provinces of China
  • Phendhay LogoPhendhay Snowland Tours & Treks
    Room 102, 4/5 Lhayun Xiao Qu,
    Quzhi Qongwei Lu,
    Lhasa, Tibet 850000
    PR of China
    Phone: +86.891.680.6660
    Fax: +86.891.680.6661
  • •  Founder has 33 years of Ground Operating experience (since 1982, the year Tibet was opened to tourism)
    •  Entirely Tibetan Staff
    •  Guaranteed departures with as few as 2 travelers

The people behind Phendhay

32 years of Tour Operation experience
Founder & Managing Director
Phendhay-staff-Chungdar2Born in Central Tibet, Chungdar is the quintessential diplomat – a prerequisite to ensure sound operations in this region – with enormous touring experience. His finesse for expeditiously securing those hard-to-obtain travel permits required for remote areas of Tibet, and his capable management of complex day-to-day logistics, are second to none.
Fluent in Tibetan, Mandarin, and English, Chungdar studied in Lhasa and Nanjing.  He has been involved in the tourism business since the Government opened Tibet to travelers in 1982.
Tsering Dundrub

21 years of Tour Guiding and Operation experience
Sales Account Executive / Tour & Trek Leader
people-TsheringTsering was born into a farming family in Amdo, Eastern Tibet. He has been working in the tourism industry since 1993, when he joined a Lhasa-based agency as a guide. Over the years Tsering has traveled extensively across Tibet, leading cultural and trekking groups.

Overland journeys are a particular favorite: He has led groups from the far western reaches of Tibet all the way east to Chengdu. Tsering is fluent in Tibetan, Mandarin, and English.

Nima Namgyal

28 years of Tour Guiding and Operation experience
Sales Account Executive / Tour & Trek Leader
people-nimaA stalwart pillar among the Phendhay office staff, Nima is also one of the company’s top guides. Nima graduated from the Sichuan Tourism Institute in 1980.

After a seven-year stint as a hotelier, Nima moved to trip leading and guided the National Geographic Society on their five expeditions tracing the Brahmaputra’s “hidden gorge.” Nima has led numerous mountaineering expeditions, treks, and cultural tours all over Tibet, while also oversseing operations and trip planning. Nima is fluent in Tibetan, Mandarin, and English

Sonam Badol
 18 years of Tour Guiding and Operation experience
Sales Account Executive / Tour & Trek Leader
people-SonamSonam worked for two major Tibetan travel companies and a Lhasa-based NGO before joining Phendhay Snowland in 2005.  He is the scholar among Phendhay’s group of guides, bringing the same astuteness to itinerary planning and sales as he does in the field when leading groups.
Sonam speaks Tibetan, Mandarin, and English, and has led numerous tours and treks all over Tibet, including Mt. Kailash and Everest Base Camps.

Tour Offerings

The following tours are just the proverbial tip of the iceberg; Phendhay has the ability to customize any of the following itineraries or design a completely new itinerary to suit your needs and interests. TourDirect's signature tours QuickEscapes and Essential Series are offered by each of our operators. If this is your first foray to this destination, we recommend that you start with one of these tours – remember that either can be customized to your requirements.


Our QuickEscapes are crafted for those who can only take a short time away. Typically one week in-country, these trips are nimble and rejuvenating getaways that will provide you with a unique glimpse of your destination.


Our Essential Series trips have been designed to allow travelers to explore the sites and partake in the experiences that comprise the essence of a destination; if you are going to make just one trip to a country, these are the places that you simply must visit.

Through the Highest Himalaya

10 Oct 2016 - 22 Oct 2016
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Sacred Mountains & Lakes of Tibet

11 Oct 2015 - 25 Oct 2015
To the people of Asia, the Himalayan mountain peaks are seen both as the home of the gods and as gods themselves. From these massive mountains,...
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QuickEscapes – Tibet

7 days
Our QuickEscapes–Tibet itinerary is not at all rushed, so we can truly savor the delights on offer in Tibet’s “Golden Triangle”: the three major...
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Essential Tibet

12 days
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Faces of Tibet