As one of the world’s oldest and most dynamic cultures — a bastion of civilization with a continuous history of over 5,000 years — China has been near the top of every explorer’s bucket list since the days of Marco Polo. This most populous of countries is home to an astonishing array of sights, sounds, and smells. Emerging as a world power in the last few years, 21stcentury China offers an incredible blend of the ultra-modern and the ancient, with towering skyscrapers presiding over centuries-old traditional dwellings. Only in China can you wander the hutongs and the Forbidden City in old Beijing, soak in the stunning mountainous beauty of Guilin, sail the mighty Yangtze River, see the Terracotta Soldiers in Xi’an, and climb the iconic Great Wall. Superlatives simply are not enough for China. A land of staggering physical beauty and biodiversity — not to mention arguably the world’s most diverse and delicious cuisines — China is true feast for the travel senses.

Diverse China

A leading provider of private tours, Diverse China Travel shares their deeply beloved nation with clients from all over the world—from small, untouristed villages in the west to popular destinations such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Xi’an. The company specializes particularly in responsible travel: Protecting the diversity of land and culture and helping local communities is what Diverse China Travel does best.


  • Year Established – 2003
    Region of Operation: People’s Republic of China
    Specialty: Luxury FIT Tours
    Tour Extensions:  YES – to all regions of China including Tibet

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    F2, Building B,
    Tianshuiyuan Business Center,
    No.2, Tianshuiyuan Dongli,
    Chaoyang District, Beijing,
    P.R. China
    Tel: +86.10.8422.9084
    Fax: +86.10.8422.9408
    Email: tigerli@diversechina.com
    Website: diversechina.com

  • Everyone on the Diverse China team is fully fluent in the company’s destinations, from the big cities to the small villages, from leisurely culture tours to challenging adventures. That’s because they all share a love for the beautiful land of China, and a passion for sharing its diverse nature and authentic culture. We believe flexibility is also key: Every customized program can be adjusted in the field, based on clients’ requests, often at no extra charge. Moreover, our guides never take travelers to shops that offer kick-backs, as is common practice here. Diverse China is also a member of the Adventure Travel Trade Association, a thriving community of more than 700 businesses, destinations, and media that pledge to transform customers into advocates for sustainability and justice worldwide.

  • Diverse China Travel (DCT) does its best to reduce any negative influence that travel can have on nature and culture—they believe, in fact, that this is one of the most important parts of their work. A few examples:
    • In 2006, DCT built the first primary school in Liangtianwan Village, Yunnan Province, and has helped build three additional primary schools in Yunnan.
    • Since 2010, DCT has provided financial aid to children from low-income families in western Yunnan.
    • In every destination, DCT gives priority to native local guides who are qualified.
    • DCT is a member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, an initiative sponsored by the United Nations’ World Tourism Organization.

People behind Diverse China

Tiger Li Wenhu

Founder & CEO
A native of Sichuan, Tiger Li has been working in travel since 2000, when he graduated from college with a B.A. in English. As proficient in the field as he is in the office, Tiger was twice named the top tour guide in Guilin by China’s state-owned tourism company, and was one of the most popular guides in Beijing. An enthusiastic photographer and trekker, Tiger has hiked to Mt. Kailash, the base camp of Everest’s North face, and has traversed a large portion of the Great Wall.  After working at several high-end travel companies, he started Diverse China in 2006.

Sissi He Xi

Travel Associate
DiverseChina-staff-SissiSissi He Xi was born in Chongqing, the Gateway city to the Three Gorges Cruise on Yangtze River.  Seeing a vast number of foreigners coming to enjoy the spectacular scenery of her mountain State inspired her to travel and explore China herself.  An outdoors person Sissi traveled across China and  has hiked  to the Base Camp of Everest, the Yellow Mountain, Mt. Taishan, Mt. Lushan and traversed the Kubuqi Desert.  Not just roughing it, Sissi also enjoys the rich culture in every destination of China.

Sissi brings her vast travel experience to the itineraries she designs for private groups exploring China in-depth.  When you meet her on your arrival in Beijing, she will revel you with enchanting travel stories of China.

Tour Offering

The following tours are just the tip of the iceberg; Diverse China can customize any of the following itineraries, or design a completely new one to suit your needs and interests. TourDirect's signature tours QuickEscapes and Essential Series are offered by each of our operators. If this is your first foray to this destination, we recommend that you start with one of these tours – remember that either can be customized to your requirements.


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