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Myanmar (Burma)

A land of allure and one of the world’s most exotic places, made famous in rhyme and prose by the likes of Kipling and Orwell, Myanmar – “Burma” of old – is re-emerging as a travel destination.

After years of political strife, Myanmar is once again welcoming the global traveler.  Be it plying the romantic waters of the mighty Irrawaddy on the “road to Mandalay,” to ambling through the exquisite temples at Bagan, Myanmar offers a plethora of travel rewards, both cultural and adventurous.   Indeed, it is a wonderful time to add Myanmar to your list of locales worthy of exploration.

Though it offers the warmth and hospitality of its Buddhist neighbor, Thailand, it is much less frequently visited, while its magnificent golden pagodas and temple complexes rival the more famous cultural –religious sites, such as Angkor Wat in Cambodia.   If an easy-going pace is your style, there are a range of luxurious hotels in Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan, while for the more intrepid traveler; a journey into the rugged countryside provides an exceptional insight into Burmese village life.  Whatever your travel fancy, Myanmar and the warm hospitality of the Burmese people will leave an indelible memory of this fabled land.



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