Pottery store, Jaipur, India

Sustainable Travel

Out of respect for the natural environment and the people of the regions in which our partners operate, we require our Ground Operators to uphold the highest standards of sustainable tourism: ensuring that the trips we sell are both ecologically responsible and culturally sensitive. Our goal is to cultivate mutually beneficial encounters between our clients and local populations, and to help preserve the pristine beauty of our special lands.



Giving Back


Trek camp below Mt. Pandim, Sikkim, India

Our travelers taste indigenous cuisine, experience traditional dance and music, and revel in glorious art and architecture. With these opportunities come responsibility. Travelers become empowered through our trips, and we encourage them to communicate what they have seen and learned to others at home. We also encourage our clients to give back financially and materially when appropriate. Thoughtful environmental and cultural exposure allows individuals to take a place and its inhabitants into their hearts, which is why we believe that sustainable tourism carries the potential to change the world for the better.

Here are a few examples of our philosophy
(& Ground Operators) at work:

  • In Cambodia, Journeys Within has started a non-profit arm, Journeys Within Our Community, that provides scholarships to college students, enhances access to clean water, and disburses micro-loans to small business owners throughout Southeast Asia.
  • In Sri Lanka, Asian Adventures is helping plant 10 million trees over five years.
  • In India, Far Horizon Tours has built a primary school and medical clinic near their lodge in remote Rajasthan.